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Push-K Giving

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We don’t currently have a web site.

Not a problem, you came to the right place. Push-K Giving can either be easily added to your current web site or used as your only web site. Push-K Giving gives you simple tools to customize the look, feel and campaigns to match your specific style. Plus, with your event calendar, News and Blog section and Photo Gallery, it’s a snap to launch the perfect web site for your organization.

We would like to integrate Push-K Giving on our existing website.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, you have spent a lot of time creating the perfect web presence for your organization. Push-K Giving can extend that presence by giving you a professional, fully branded super giving tool. Plus, with our free promotional materials, adding a Donate Now button to your page is a cinch.

We would like to continue using our donor management software.

Push-K Giving provides your team with the data, reporting and analytics you need to maximize your fundraising success and to ensure you reach and succeed your goals. This data is always available to you online or by exporting the data to your existing donor management software through XLS, CVS or XML feeds. With one click of a button all your data can be integrated right into your current software.

How secure is Push-K Giving?

Very. Here are the factoids.

Is there a contract?

No. Cancel at anytime.

Tell me about the costs.

Push-K Giving offers different packages that will best suit your organizations needs. Generally there is a monthly subscription fee for the service and a credit card transaction fee. Push-K Giving does not take any additional percentages. The monthly fee will remain the same from the date you sign up unless you upgrade or downgrade your subscription.

How about credit card processing fees?

Simple, you pay as low as 2.79% + $0.15 depending on your subscription. Nothing More, ever.

I have my own merchant account.

Push-K Giving can be integrated with existing or dedicated merchant processing accounts. Contact Us to learn more about our merchant processing services.